Kibi Government Hospital Sits on a Time Bomb, Municipal Assembly Fingered

Kibi Government hospital now sits on a time bomb as the facility is faced with numerous challenges affecting the delivery of quality health care to people accessing the facility.

Information gathered by Brytfmonline indicate the facility has only two bungalows to house three available Medical doctor’s leaving the rest to their faith, a situation which has compel the rest of the medical officers who have been transferred to work at the facility not to accept posting to the place.

According to an insider, the municipal assembly has taken over most of the bungalows renovated by the hospital for reasons best known to them; therefore making it difficult to house staffs.

Some attendants of the facility also complained about extortion of unapproved fees from families who deposit dead bodies at the morgue which seems to be on the blank side of authorities.

"Non-payment of Nation Health Insurance Claims by the government is also having an adverse effect on our activities as their suppliers are adamant in providing us with drugs and other materials we need" The insider lamented.

Meanwhile, investigations also reveal the hospital has not been able to install an already acquired cooler machine at the morgue due to a debt of GHC350,000.00 incited by the facility.



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