E/R: Oda GPRTU Collaborate with traders for more profits

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) in Akyem Oda of the Eastern Region has considered petty trading in the lorry station for the Yuletide season.

 According to the Union, the consideration forms part of their social responsibilities to petty traders to gain a little to support their family and Ghana.

Speaking to an executive member of the GPRTU in Oda, Nana Addo–Blackman said traders from Accra, Kumasi and another part of the country have been considered to sell goods and services on a wheel barrow, tracks, taxi boot, Kia tracks and on aluminum pans temporally.

He said after the general election, the lorry station has been the main source of income for most traders as a number of travelers also increases due to the Christmas festivity.

Nana Addo called on the traders to abide by rules and regulations in the lorry station and pack out after the Christmas to avoid demolition.

He called on traders not to travel with huge money in this season and appealed to them consider the opportunity given to them to make a profit and avoid inflating prices.

Moreover, Nana Addo urged passengers to report any driver who may disobey traffic regulations and disrespect passengers to the police and the union.



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