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The first prerequisites to keeping a Woman is to be capable of keeping your own life first, you need to have a Job or a Business that brings in money for you, note: you must not own a car or millions in your Bank statement, you must not be up, let there be signs that you are not sitting down either, it is perhaps the best possible prove that you are not a lazy Man then a good Woman will help you stand on your feet.

Whether it be for religious reasons, nerves, or just straight-up timing, some people choose to wait until marriage to have sex for the first time.

Chemistry and physical attraction may have brought you and your partner together, but you need more than a spark to maintain a happy, lasting relationship.

There’s a general consensus that honesty is key to a healthy relationship.

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Not only do we crave to fall in love, we also want to have the person love us back. Sometimes, we are blinded by so many things like fear, desperation or beauty that we do not see clearly when someone does not return our affection. 

There are some reasonably reliable ways to know someone is sexually satisfied. They may tell you how much they are enjoying sex while you are doing it or afterward.

Marriage is a very beautiful thing when you finally tie the knot with the right partner.

It can be worse when the love story you both shared turns bitter. Individuals in the relationship should deem it necessary to identify some signs that will help recognize a failure in a relationship. Below are the undeniable signs that attest to the fact that your love story will not turn up successful.

·         You often fantasize about life without your partner 

If you frequently catch yourself imagining moving to a new city, changing your appearance, pursuing a new career and starting to do all the other things that you know you would be able to do if you weren’t tethered to your current partner, it is time to do some serious thinking. When the sacrifices involved in a relationship are painful enough to override the benefits, you may simply no longer be in love.

·         Talking about the future feels wrong

 Discussing the future should be something that inspires and excites you and your partner. If there is awkwardness between you, this is an indication that you may not even want the relationship to continue for a few more years.

·         Your communication is consistently poor

Most relationships begin with a flurry of constant communication. However, couples have to work to sustain this type of closeness by making an effort to spend quality time together. Constant arguing is another type of poor communication. When arguments are frequently repeated and never properly resolved, it is easy to forget why you ever enjoyed talking to each other in the first place.

·         You no longer enjoy your partner’s company

One almost irrefutable sign that you have fallen out of love is the sense that you no longer like or respect your partner. There are always incompatibilities between people, and even the most loving relationship involves tolerating some annoying habits, but you are in trouble when your feelings for your partner are more bad than good.

If thinking about these seven signs has left you feeling sure that your relationship is over, then it is in your best interests to move on. However, if you have just started to experience some of these problems, your relationship could survive if given the right level of care and attention.

·         Trust is lost

When you don’t feel like you can rely on your partner, you will be hesitant to make yourself vulnerable, and the emotional distance between you will grow. If this is noticed early enough, effort and honesty can fix it. However, if the trust has been missing from your relationship for a long time, it is highly likely that the love is now missing as well.



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