Virgins Are the Source of My Wealth

Stephen Nortey, a forty-six (46) year old businessman in the New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern Region Koforidua, has revealed that virgins are the sources of his wealth.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Mr. Nortey gave detailed accounts on his tier.  

According to him, his encounter with one Togbe Atsu, a spiritualist who resides in Nankese, a suburb of the Suhum Municipality, ended him into the use of virgins for the amassment of wealth.

He explained that he uses a special handkerchief given to him by his spiritual father; Togbe Atsu to wipe off the blood that comes out of virgin girls after sleeping with them and later dropped it in a pot which is meant to produce money after he goes through some incantations.

“I make a whopping amount of ten thousand Ghana cedis (GH₵10,000.00) anytime I had sex with a virgin girl”. He unveiled.

He further stressed that he sometimes induces these young ladies through giving them some concoction and later allowed a snake given to him by the fetish priest to enter their private parts whenever he wanted to get foreign currency.

With these, Nortey recounted that he makes an amount wealth fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) on a day.

Asked how he gets these virgin girls, he emphatically stated that, since he 'smells' money he uses that to cajole his victims’ (young virgin ladies).

“I have been in this process of making money for the past twelve years and have so far used about thirty young ladies”. He detailed.

He also recounted that those virgin ladies he sleeps with, stand the chance of becoming barren in the future because ones he used their blood for his usual rituals, there is  no way they can conceive.

Though I desired to stop, fear has gripped me because I have been warned by Togbe that any attempt to stop will lead to my death. Nortey sadly lamented.

Am now stranded because I can no longer move on with this process of making money. He said.  

He then advised the youth to be very careful about spiritual monies because ones you go into it, the possibility of coming out is very tedious.

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