Lingerie, A woman’s Intimacy

I vividly remember growing up, my mum getting a sack full of underwear such as a brassiere, oversize panties covering my entire bum, short feminine knickers et al.Underwear-like a shadow is an indispensable wearable element for both genders performing several roles.

In cold climates, it keeps the body warm and absorbs sweat and body oils or creams from the skin thereby keeping the main apparel in a clean tasteful state.

Boxers, briefs, panties, singlets are common undergarment option available for men offering genital support so as not to have an embarrassing bulge for brothers naturally blessed with ‘long john Thomas while brassiere supports the female ‘twin sisters’ from dropping in a Victoria Beckham knee length fitted beige apparel.

Women undergarment or underwear as popularly known are a necessary must have staple in a female’s closet, trunk, or wardrobe however you choose to call it. Our brothers can escape this stipulated fiat of a directives sort of, simply because most times they are in Diesel jeans or what more inviting than seeing a transparent well chiseled broad chest,biceps,conspicuous sumptuous numbered packs singlet less body of a Tyson Beckford or Luscious Elba in a flea market shirt or Armani Cotton matted white shirt. So a brother is a pardon, but the Eve of a sister is inexcusable, remember the flowing skirt on a windy day sans panties. Ouch and in front of that crush of a brother at the train station or lorry pack?


Underwear is a sine qua non to a perfect dress statement, as well as keeping the vital assets in good shape and place. But why do  21st Century self-assured dame jettisoned grandma’s old underwear to sophisticated alluring ones called lingerie mean both are worn underneath our clothes? Aren’t they? So why the fuss? Like myself, I prefer lingerie to underwear.

Underwear and lingerie are sometimes used interchangeably, but the differences between the two are minuscule.Technically, all lingerie is underwear or undergarment but the caveat is not all underwear is lingerie. Underwear or undergarment is worn for comfort and practicality, whiles lingerie is typically worn for it sensual and sexual appeal and very attractive. Underwear is economical and easy to come by.

Lingerie is a French word meaning underwear in English, romance, love and sexual appeal characterizing the culture of the Francophone, the term is normally associated with sensuality. Lingerie is fashionable and enticingly inviting features as starters for a glorious satisfying menu.

Traditional underwear is drab with an indifferent outlook, and a widow’s mite price of affordability. It normally made from inexpensive cotton purchased in packs.

Lingerie is exorbitant and with fun colours made from the expensive material of the finest quality. Lingerie is intricately detailed, whiles regular underwear are simple and around since ancient times.

With a primitive loincloth once considered as underwear. Underwear is bulky like what mums used to get me, restrictive compared to lingerie which is lacy, alluring and tastefully sophisticated to keep your favorite pair of jeans in check and flatter the feminine figure and not visible.

So whether an underwear or lingerie I guess it a matter of choice comfort and price variables.


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