The first prerequisites to keeping a Woman is to be capable of keeping your own life first, you need to have a Job or a Business that brings in money for you, note: you must not own a car or millions in your Bank statement, you must not be up, let there be signs that you are not sitting down either, it is perhaps the best possible prove that you are not a lazy Man then a good Woman will help you stand on your feet.

It might be time to move on with your life.

There has been an increase in the usage of purgatives especially herbal ones recently.

Want to look younger and live longer without having to go under the knife? Turns out there's a way — and no, it doesn't involve any magic pills or complex regimes. All you need is one thing: your sweetie.

The sun was scorching my already tanned back. Although it shone brightly on that fateful Sunday, the sun's brilliance and energy had been lost on me. It was getting late, I had to hurry up. A strong sense of urgency had numbed my ability live the moment.

My husband cheated on me within the first year of our marriage going as far as having a full relationship with someone.

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