Sex glued our 12-years Marriage – Okyeame Kwame’s Wife

Very interesting, I guess the only secret a married woman can never hide from her parent is having sex. The trend of celebrities broadcasting their sexual life publicly is quite intriguing.

Anica, wife of the famous Okyeame Kwame who has been married to the celebrity for the past 12 years confirmed on Delay’s show that, having sex with her husband is her greatest priority.

“Okyeame and I love to have sex every day except during my menstrual cycle or when I’m seriously sick” Anica stated.

On the show, the host of the Delay show decided to delve more into their sexual life and which Mrs. Anica never saw it be a nuisance.

Anica stated vividly that she has no problem with sexing her husband every day and she consents to it to prevent her husband from cheating.  

The wife of the celebrity again added that their marriage has been perfect and she is a happy woman. 

She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her husband for being a wonderful husband and a father to her and her kids for the past 12 years. 



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